Welcome to Sharla’s Suriwrap,
From our pink foodtruck we provide you witth our delicious Suriwrap. A Suriwrap is definitely not the same as a rotiroll. It is a fusion wrap: a tortilla prepared in our own surinam way. The main ingredient is our special prepared pulled chicken. We marinate the chicken for 24 hours and after that we slowcook it in the oven for several hours more till its so tender that it falls off the bone. Your Suriwrap is also prepared with fresh stir fried vegetables, lettuce,cucumber, red onions and a sweet chili saus and for those who like it spicy some hot chili saus. You should also try our pulled chicken burgers.
We also have our Surisnacks: marinated chickenwings and puff pastry bites. And treat yourself to one of our tasty desserts like our signature Red Velvet Cake.
Check the site and our facebook to see the locations where you can find us.